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Who Qualifies for Minority Grants?

Of the thousands of different grant programs available today in the United States, nearly every citizen is eligible for some type of free money program, and minority citizens may be eligible for multiple programs. There are many different types of grants that directly benefit minority groups in the United States. These available grants cover businesses, research and educational opportunities. If you belong to a certain racial or sexual group, you might automatically qualify for several different types of grants.

It doesn't matter if you're married or single, male or female, young or old, rich or poor. In order to be eligible you only have to meet the criteria for the racial group you belong to. In fact, most grant programs have no income requirements at all and there are grant programs for everyone from the unemployed to those making a million dollars a year. There are numerous grants and scholarships available for African Americans, Hispanics, women and Native Americans. Career paths such as math, science, engineering, technology and medicine, are fields that enjoy ongoing financial aid to minorities. The American Indian College Fund provides about 5,000 scholarships annually to American Indian students with plans to pursue college studies.

There are an abundant number of grants available to the growing community of Asian people in the United States as well. There are also many grants and scholarship programs providing assistance to women and minorities pursuing higher education. The specific grants that each individual will qualify for can depend on the field of study, academic standing or level of financial need.