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Who Qualifies For A Housing Grant?

You will never know if you qualify for a housing grant until you apply. Finding the perfect housing grant opportunity that is right for your needs can be the most difficult part of the process. Not every applicant will qualify, but you will never know how much money is waiting for you as a housing grant until you apply. In these times of economic turn-down real estate prices have been falling and that equals more economical housing available for purchase with low interest home loans that can be secured with a housing grant.

Individual housing grants have their own different rules about who can apply but generally applicants must be over 18 and own or rent the property concerned. You must be an owner-occupant though, as housing associations can't apply for a home improvement grants. Locating home improvement grants from state and local governments can vary depending on the location you live in. Local lending companies can assist with housing grants and sometimes offer programs to help applicants find the grants they seek more easily.

Various non-profit agencies offer help to qualify applicants and locate housing grants. Applicants with discrimination issues can contact their local Fair housing Resource Center for assistance with housing improvement grants.