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Who Qualifies for College Grants?

A college education grant could be right for you if you are ready to be more successful. College grants are awarded on a needs basis, but also utilize academic performance and field of study as factors. The grant money helps students pursue academic studies that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. College grants are administered on a needs basis for low-income undergraduate and post-graduate students that are US citizens, have high school diplomas, and demonstrate the financial need required.

A student’s financial need is determined by evaluating; the student’s income and assets, the parents’ income and assets, the household size; and the number of family members already attending secondary educational institutions. The amount of grant money calculated also takes into consideration the cost of tuition, full-time enrollment status and any financial contributions made by the student’s family.\n\nStudents applying for college grants are often given a test or survey to determine the level of support needed. An honest explanation and clear presentation of the student’s financial situation are often part of the process. It can also help to have copies of any previous college transcripts ready if needed. Obtaining a college grant is not a quick and simple process, but nearly every student can qualify for some type of assistance if they meet the requirements and are patient.