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Who Qualifies for a Business Grant?

Individuals and businesses may qualify for business grants based on race, ethnicity, gender, and disabilities. The United States Government places a high priority on helping businesses succeed and stimulating the economy. The U.S. government does not set limits to the amounts of grants awarded if you can meet their basic requirements. Right now there are over 80 sources of business grants from the government alone. Add the huge number of private grant sources and you have billions of dollars in small business grants just waiting to be given away.

\n\nThere are business grants for every type of business and business owner. Some business grant programs require applicants to be over 65, others are dedicated to the needy or handicapped. Most business grant programs do not require you to have money on hand and in some cases, bad credit can actually help you to qualify. Businesses that are running low on money could be entitled to a wide assortment of different grants.

Business grants awards usually range from $1,000 to $1,000,000 depending on the specific type of business. If you have a plan for a new business but lack the capital to get your project started, or you need extra money to move your offices, renovate existing premises, or just get your company back on its’ feet, a business grant might be just right for you.

Your company could qualify for a business grant if:

  • Your business is starting or growing
  • Your business is located outside of urban areas
  • Your business is minority-owned
  • Your business recently lost government contracts
  • Your business is in an economically depressed area
  • Your business hires the disabled