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What is a Business Grant?

Both the US government and private foundations and organizations set aside millions of dollars every year to provide business grants to help companies get started, to help companies increase their business and to help them stay profitable in hard times.

Starting or growing your own business is usually expensive and usually requires large amounts of money. Raising capital for a business venture can be both frustrating and difficult depending on how much cash is needed to startup. In today’s times of financial hardships, the federal government does not want to see to businesses fold. Failed businesses are the beginning of job losses, decreased consumer spending and a flagging economy overall.

Business grants are typically targeted at future business owners, new businesses and businesses already established. In 2008, the U.S. Government gave out over $34 billion dollars in grants to businesses of all descriptions. Small businesses alone took in $101 million in grant awards. The money helped start companies, maintain jobs, repair old offices, and update data systems.

Each year millions of dollars are dedicated as grants and the money is awarded to start up businesses. Business grants can be obtained from your state and the local government, as well as non-profit organizations, private institutions and other types of grantors. The economy of the United States is dependant on the health of small businesses, and the government encourages people to start new businesses all the time. As the nation’s businesses flourish it creates more job opportunities and tax revenue is increased as well.