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What Can Student Grants Be Used For?

What you can use a student grant for depends largely on where the grant was issued from. A Federal Pell Grant can be used for any expense that is related to your getting your education. Although these grants are not tracked, meaning you are not required to provide an inventory of how you spent your Pell Grant money is spent, it is recommended that you spend the funds on school related items.

There are also personal student grants given out that may have their own sets of rules and restrictions for what may or may not be purchased with the student grant money that they distribute. These restrictions would be at the discretion of the person or organization that issues that particular grant money. This is not the case with Federal Pell Grants for Higher Education. There are no conditions to the Pell grant that you are issued, it is only expected that the funds be utilized for the purposes of furthering your education.

These items can vary from things as basic as school books and tuition to gasoline or transportation to get yourself to and from your classes. If you are taking online classes, a new computer or a laptop could be considered necessary school supplies. Other items such as computer printers, ink cartridges and paper are all things that are needed for class. Even certain living expenses can qualify as a necessary expense for you to be in school. After all, you can not complete your online courses without internet access or electricity; therefore these are living expenses that directly affect your education.

So ultimately your student grant money can be used for just about anything, although with the costs of higher education there will most likely not be much left once your educational expenses have been paid.