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What Can Minority Grants Be Used For?

The U.S. Government along with private foundations, have earmarked significant amounts of funds to enable minority citizens students the opportunity to attend college, start or expand a business, and contribute to the national economy overall in myriad ways. If you are in need of extra money to pay monthly bills, buy a new home, go to college or training, repair your home, start a new business, invest in real estate, pay off your credit cards, get out of debt, or eliminate overdue medical bills, you should at least see if you qualify for a portion of the millions of dollars in minority grants that are awarded every month. Don't miss out on free money that you may be entitled to by law as an American citizen.

Minority grants offer financial help that can be applied to general spending such as:
  • Help with your bills
  • Starting your own small business
  • Go to college
  • Start a large business
  • Pay dental bills
  • Transportation to work
  • Services for seniors
  • Purchase a rental unit
  • Start a magazine
  • Repair your credit
  • Buy a mobile home
  • Train for a new job
  • Finance an adoption