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What Can Grant Money Be Used For?

Government grant money can be used in a variety of ways so long as any and all laws, terms, and conditions are adhered to. Many groups are eligible to receive grant money from the government: government organizations, educational organizations, public housing organizations, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, small businesses, and individuals.

Government grant money is also available to students who meet certain requirements, for example, maintaining a high GPA. This grant money is generally given directly to the student's college or university to help pay the tuition costs; it is not awarded as cash to the student.

For all government grants, excluding student financial aid, there are different categories under which grants are given. These categories include everything from agriculture to transportation, even cultural affairs. Many of the agencies providing government grant money have very specific guidelines as to who is eligible to receive their money. This means that the grant will only be given to an individual or organization who is undertaking a specific project or researching a particular topic. Still, some agencies may be more open to varying types of projects.

To determine if you are eligible for a particular grant, it is important to read all the information provided about the grant you wish to apply for and the agency who is awarding the money. Grant money can be used for just about everything. It is only a matter of finding an agency within this wide range which is supporting the project or research that you (and/or your organization) are working on.