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What Are Minority Education Grants?

Those who offer grants for higher education recognize that, due to social and economic factors, it can sometimes be more difficult for minorities to get a higher education. Regardless of why they need help, be it due to social stigma or financial strain within the family, there is a push to make sure that minorities are able to go to college.

How Does The Government Define A Minority?

There are two types of minorities according to the United States Government. There are ethnic minorities; such as Hispanic and African American students. Grants are awarded to these students to further diversification in higher education. There are also non-ethnic minorities, which includes those with physical barriers and learning disabilities that may hinder them from getting the education they need. Women's grants are available as well to help women break into industries and fields that, traditionally, have been difficult for them.

Where Does One Find Minority Education Grants?

The first thing to realize when looking for minority education grants is that most grants could fall under this category if a minority applies for them. For instance, although the Pell Grant is available for anyone, there are provisions within the grant that allocate additional funds to minorities under certain circumstances. Nearly all major educational grants have some sort of additional assistance or reduced requirements for minorities, and as these are where the larger sums of money will come from, they are definitely worth exploring in depth. When paying for a higher education, one can use all the help they can get. For the most part, educational grants awarded by the United States government will not necessarily be labeled as minority education grants. There are, however, other places one can look for help paying for college.

Who, Besides The Government, Offers Minority Education Grants?

Although the majority of your education will likely be paid for by the government, there are other entities that offer grants, some of which are aimed at minorities. Minority foundations, for example, such as the Hispanic College Fund, or United Negro College Fund, just to name a few, were established just for this purpose, and should definitely be explored for assistance. Large corporations also offer educational grants that are aimed at minorities as they are committed to furthering diversity in corporate America.