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Tips on Securing Personal Grants

Personal grants are a powerful option for anyone who needs to subsidize a personal project, however, without the right information they can be rather difficult to obtain. The majority of grants are designed with corporate or educational needs in mind, so in order to get a personal grant, it is important to know how to best position yourself.

When applying for a personal grant, always start by developing a clear and concise project overview. While many people may want to apply immediately out of excitement, the more thought applicants put into the project beforehand, the more likely they are to secure funds.

The written proposal should focus on strong action words, which can give the project more impact and immediacy. Drafting this overview before applying can also help individuals better discern which grants their project is most compatible with.

Filling out an application is an involved process, and it is important to be thorough. The application should include the project's goal along with a clear breakdown of how the money will be used and how the project will be sustained in the future. Also, for an extra boost, consider adding in an evaluation component that accurately defines the impact that the project will have. The key is to convince the grant provider that the project is not only viable, but important and sustainable. Also, always be sure the grant specifically states that individuals may apply. If the grant is not intended for personal projects, then submitting an application will be a waste of time.

Following these tips is a great way to get ahead in the process of applying for a personal grant. However, it is vital to remember that securing funds through a personal grant takes persistence, effort, and time.

One of the best places to start is online databases like, which gather grant information from a number of grant sources. Many individuals may not meet success with their first application, but for those who are serious, it is possible to find the right grant to achieve one's personal goals.