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Take Advantage of Government Issued Minority Grants

You can take advantage of government issued minority grants worth millions of dollars if you qualify. There is money set aside for disadvantaged groups including Native American Indians, Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans. Individuals who are mentally or physically disabled may also qualify for grant money. In addition to the government grants there is more money available from foundations in the U.S.

As long as you meet the qualifications there is money available for college, business start-ups, legal consultation and housing remodeling. The first step towards getting one of these grants is to check out the eligibility requirements. Beware of using websites or leads that promise you will obtain grant money; frequently these are just scams and the information can be found online for free.

For some eligibility requirements you must present proof of a blood relation to that group, such as for Native Americans. Free grants are good because they bring in money outright with no need to repay the grant. Besides members of blood related groups other minorities may qualify for grant money, including women.

Minority students find that use of the federal Pell Grant is very popular for getting free assistance of up to $4000 toward their education. Others apply for state and local grant money that is set aside for education. Many of these only have a requirement to demonstrate financial need. Educational grant money is, in part, set aside just to help those who may have experienced class or minority disadvantages that would otherwise prevent them from being able to attend college.

Billions of dollars are available from the government for minority business help. This assistance in the form of a cash grant can be used to start up a business or to expand an existing business. This includes home based businesses that many women are creating. It is an attempt to equalize the fighting ground in business for those who start off with the cards stacked against them because they are part of a minority. The government also encourages private foundations to donate grant money and even requires them to do so with at least 5% of the value of their annual assets.

A good place to begin your search for government issued minority grants is with the Small Business Administration website at There are many links to available sources for government grants. This website is helpful for obtaining additional general information about small business operations. If you are planning to use grant money to begin your own business or make improvements, you can find ideas for creating your business plan and other organizational tips that will come in handy. Having a good business plan is essential to business success and may be required as part of a grant application.

Finding the free grants takes some time and it is necessary to avoid the scammers who only want to sell you information that is freely available online. Check with your library and local government agencies in person to see what information you can discover at no charge. You want current information and many programs that are being sold are not up to date or complete. There is no shortcut to business success and finding free government grant money is no exception.

As long as you are a U.S. citizen and part of a minority group you can apply for a government issued minority grant. The government is required to give away a certain amount of money in the form of minority grants every year but only a fraction of this amount is actually given out because people do not apply for the grants.