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Sustainable Business Grants

Do you have an idea for a sustainable business, but have no money to get it off the ground? Want to do something for others as a non-profit, but need seed funds? There are grants available for sustainable businesses and the best part about these funds is that you’ll benefit your community too. It's win-win.

A number of grants are available to fund projects that answer the problems we face today. How will your business provide jobs? How will your idea address the scarcity of resources? Are the resources used sustainable? Are the resources recyclable? Is your business green? How is the business improving the community?

Some popular sustainable business categories include: Agriculture, Business & Community, Education, Energy, Environment, Food & Nutrition, Health, Natural Resources, Regional Development, Science & Technology, and Transportation.

Here’s how to start: 1) Visit and cull critical sustainable grant information 2) Find grants for your business category 3) Read all the requirements, research thoroughly online 4) Then complete application Be sure to explain how your business will benefit the larger community and address the root causes of problems. Develop your business plan to address all the grant requirements. Once your plan is fleshed out, you’ll be ready to fully complete the application and secure the funding you need.