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Six Simple Tips to Win a Personal Grant

Securing a personal grant is highly competitive. Often, you're application is being compared against leading grant writers, entrepenuers, and community leaders. The experts at break down six smart simple tips to keep in mind to edge out the competition and win a personal grant.

1. Be Organized Write in an organized fashion. Prior to actually writing your grant proposal, be sure to create an outline. Remember the days when you wrote papers in high school or college? The first section may be a simple "thesis" type of statement, in which you express the purpose of your project and how it will be impactful. Then, include an introduction paragraph about yourself and your organization. Next, include a bullet points for the problems you will address.

\n\nInclude detailed objectives. Then, include a bullet point for the "results" section and anticipate the results that your project will achieve. Lastly, include a detailed budget of how the money will be needed and how it will be used.

2. Do Your Research Figure out which organizations award the type of grant you are trying to land. Perhaps you want to do some research on a certain form of cancer. Well, maybe there is an organization you can partner with to apply for the grant. Learn and do what will help your proposal become an actual idea.

3. Be Specific When you create your budget, do not be afraid to list every single expense you will incur. Often times you will not receive all the money you are seeking, but sometimes you will. When you write a budget, the more specific you are, the more serious you appear to the person reviewing your grant proposal.

4. Obtain References When applying for grants, make sure you engage in effective networking. Perhaps a professor at a certain college has received numerous awards in the past. Then she may be able to write an effective letter of recommendation for you. This can only boost your application.

5. Be Brief While you should be detailed in your writing, you should also be concise. Do not hand over 3,000 pages for a $1,000 to $4,000 request. No one will ever read that many pages.

6. Be Creative and Show the Impact Think of every way your grant idea can positively influence the surrounding communities. Be sure to clearly articulate the benefits of your idea.

If you remember and implement these 6 tips then you will be well on your way to getting awarded a personal grant.