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Senior Housing Grants

When you were young, you looked forward to retirement as a time when you could enjoy your golden years, safe in the security of your home and worry-free, at liberty to travel or do as you pleased. Now that you have stopped working, the reality is much different from your dreams.

You may have lost a great portion of your life savings during the recent decline of the stock market. Or perhaps you were never able to put much money aside during your working life because of low pay or overarching family needs. Whatever the reason, you now recognize that you need to find housing that is affordable. It does not make sense to stay in your current residence.

You may be looking at the funds you can realistically spend on a smaller house or apartment and come to the realization that you simply do not have the finances it will take to not only move, but to maintain yourself for years to come in a new place. You feel trapped, unable to stay where you are yet unable to go. What can you do?

Fortunately, there are numerous grants available which target senior citizens. With some initial research and paperwork, you too can be in the running for the financial assistance you so desperately need. Why should you simply watch as others benefit from these?

Many housing grants are allocated to charities which in turn disperse money to the public. If you are affiliated with any religious or charitable organizations, contact them immediately to see if they have access to any housing grants. If they do, someone from the organization can help you to apply. If not, they may well be able to connect you with other local resources.

In addition, make calls to your local senior citizens’ center and area agency on aging. Also, contact the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which has a great deal of information on federal grants and their availability.

Throughout the exploration and application process, always remain aware that scams abound. Never give money to someone who offers to help you apply for a grant or who claims that he or she can get you to the top of the list. There are many competent and caring professionals who will be more than happy to assist you at no charge.

Finally, the most difficult part of the process comes, and that involves waiting. This is, after all, the government. Chances are, you won’t get an answer nearly as quickly as you would like, particularly if there are inconsistencies in your application. For that reason, it is especially important that you completely and accurately fill out all forms and obtain all references and certifications that are requested. Yes, it can feel overwhelming, but in the end your hard work might well be richly rewarded. As you carefully maneuver through each step of the grant process, keep your mind focused on your ultimate goal: the federal housing grant you deserve.