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Say Goodbye to Student Loans

Many college graduates leave school with looming student loan payments. Unfortunately, in today's economy, finding a job after graduation that allows students to pay them off isn't easy to find. However, there are some options available which will put the graduate in a position to have their student loans forgiven.

Sometimes a governmental organization may hire a graduate and offer to pay a certain amount towards their student loans in exchange for a work and service . For instance, a recent graduate from a nursing program could receive an offer from the employing hospital that includes loan forgiveness. The hospital might be willing to pay off the two years the nurse spent in school training in exchange for a multi-year commitment. This type of forgiveness program is most common in high demand fields.

Another option involves joining the military. As a recruitment tool, the various branches of the military offer programs that will repay part, or all, of your student loans for newly enlisted members. Each branch has its own program and conditions and incentives vary.

To help recruit more talent into the field of education, some teaching positions will offers student loan forgiveness . There are many programs for those willing to teach in critical areas such as math, science, and special education. Other programs are offered to teachers who teach in schools that are either low performing or located in lower socioeconomic areas.

There's no better way to get out from under your student loan debt then to have someone else pay it for you!