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Grants for Single Parents

Parenting can be a financial burden when two parents are raising the children. However, being a single parent can cause extreme financial hardships that can rip families apart. Between the single parent working overtime at multiple jobs and never seeing their children, to the losses that the children will have to bear because of the lack of expendable income, single parents can often-times use a little help, especially when the average annual cost per child is $10,000.

However, there is financial help available to you in the form of single parent grants. These grants are available to those who seek them out and those who qualify. 
The first step is to research. You are already on the right path since you are reading this article now! Research the different types of single parent’s grants that are available and determine if you qualify for them or not. Once that is done, you can apply for the grants that you believe you qualify for. Pay special attention when filling out grant applications, because the process is very precise and can be tricky. 

Don’t be discouraged if you are not awarded the first few that you apply for, keep applying. The more you apply for, the better your chances are for getting that cash!
There are various different kinds of single parent grants. Some will help pay off your student loans in exchange for your professional services, some will award grants so you can finish your higher education, and others will help pay for housing costs. Raise The Nation is a great corporation to begin with researching education grants, and the Public Housing Authorities Directors Association website is a perfect place to begin searching for housing grants ( 

With all of these opportunities for free grant money for single parents, you would be silly NOT to take advantage of these opportunities!

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