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Get Your Business Grant Noticed

For grant writers it is essential to grab the attention of the person reviewing your grant proposal. Think of headlines in the paper. Some grants start with the sizzle to entice readers to want to dig deeper. Remember, readers are often swamped with tons of applications and that they are only human. Whatever you can do to help them stay focused on your proposal should be used.

Most applications have standard requirements and these can be skimmed quickly. It is important that the reader can find the requirements quickly in order to move on to the pulp of your proposal.

Since the funding is most likely dependent on nailing a few critical key points, these should fine tuned and perfected. Writers should show how their proposal is unique and provides benefits. Focus on measurable results and make sure to underscore any and all key facts.

Goal statements and objectives need to not only draw attention, but stay on point and explain how this proposal will be successful if funded. Many grant writers prefer using lists as well as charts and graphs to help illustrate their points. Following these directives will give your business grant proposal a better chance at success.