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Community College Grants: Duckets for Diplomas

Getting grants for community college are now easier than ever! The government has money available for community college students that doesn’t have to be paid back. The only requirement is to finish the coursework and get good grades.

Different than student loans which need to be paid back in full, with interest. Student grants cover tuition, books, and living expenses as well. Research to fully understand the funding available for higher learning.

\n\nIn addition to government grants, there are privately run local institutions that offer grants and scholarships for community college hopefuls. Many foundations are dedicated to promoting a college education for those who might not be able to afford college.

Filing online with the U S government is free. And the application is straight forward. The entire process takes about 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll be notified by email as to how much money you’ll be allotted. As the upcoming semester draws closer, the need for extra money will increase. If you’re already enrolled in community college courses, you can still file and receive money.

Part-time students are also eligible for the program. The minimum requirement is six units (usually two classes), and those who are taking nine, twelve, or fifteen units often receive even more money.

If you’re awarded grant money, you can also simultaneously accept other scholarship funds. Do your homework on and learn as much as you can about getting an education grant!