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College Funding at Your Fingertips

Colleges have become more selective and with the price of tuition is on the rise - the need for students to find funding is more critical than ever. has compiled a list of resources to help bring College funding within your grasp.

Most people don't have the cash needed to pay for school upfront. Do not panic. There are grants, scholarships and ways to score low interest loans. All it takes is a little dedication and some research. highlights thousands of scholarship opportunities.

\n\nThe American Recovery and Reinvestment Act started by the government's educational funding program helps students fund their education. They have given away over $69 billion since January alone and with over $115 billion still available, you can easily apply to be awarded a grant.

Also, make sure to investigate if you qualify for a Pell Grant (it's specific funding is categorized by each state), as well as time honored College Work Study programs, just in case you need extra cash while you study.

The chance to get a higher education is completely up to you. The resources of will to help you get ahead of the curve.