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Can You Get Information on Grants Online?

Both the federal government and the individual state governments allocate hundreds of billions of dollars every year to grants. American citizens receive this generous assistance in a variety of categories, including monies for small business startups, college tuition, and research. There are grants specifically targeted to minority groups and to women. In fact, government grants span a wide gamut from the entrepreneurial to the educational to the uniquely personal, such as housing and healthcare aid.

Government agencies have long availed the citizenry these funds, which are—in essence—there for the taking. Still, the majority of the population is unaware that government grants even exist. And the individuals who do know about grant programs are often unacquainted with how to apply for them. It’s critical to remember that no government agency is going to seek you out and hand you grant money, or present you with a check to start a business or initiate a research project. You’ve got to request the grant.

It’s incumbent upon you to do your homework, unearth what’s available in grants, and apply for the one or ones that are germane to your distinct circumstances and specific needs. Courtesy of government grants having no repayment provisos, your financial history is not ordinarily relevant in the application process. That is, you can have bad credit, and even a bankruptcy, and still qualify for most grants. You don’t need collateral or a co-signer when applying for grants either. You need only meet the eligibility requirements for the grants you are applying for and, most importantly, apply for them.

Sometimes the mere thought of applying for a grant is intimidating. But there is absolutely nothing daunting about the process. Nowadays, applications can usually be completed online. In these challenging economic times, the notion of free government monies is more attractive than ever before. Yes, government grants are free. They do not ever have to be paid back. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by investigating what’s currently available in government grants and applying for the ones that interest you.