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Attainable Grants Kick-start Businesses

Seed funding is the money needed to get a small business off the ground. Seed grants are fairly rare, although a few incubators and accelerators offer these grants. Most are offered by the federal government for non profit organizations.

Publicly, the Small Business Agency claims that it does not provide any grants to small businesses. This is true, but it is not the full truth, because there are several "grant distribution institutes" that you can obtain grants from.

In order to receive grants from these institutions, you first have to find them. A list of organizations that offer investments can be found with the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies.

While in general non profit businesses will have more luck obtaining grants ($360 billion in grants is given away toward non-profits and NGO projects.

However, there are several private institutes like the Heineman Foundation which will invest as much as fifty thousand dollars a year in a private business. In the case of this particular foundation, businesses that are attempting to improve the environment are able to receive grants.

Most of these organizations have specific goals, so if you are attempting to start up a business that aligns with their goals funding my be available.