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5 Steps To Become A Certified Grant Writer

Many grant writers get their start working for funding of their own company or employer. Most often the companies are non profit organizations and the grant writing must be superb so the funding will be granted.

The first step in becoming a certified grant writer is to take grant writing classes. These classes are available online, through the Foundation Center or through other established grant writers. These classes will help writers become concise and persuasive while working on specifics of the grant writing process. They may include looking for people to grant money, creating the proposal and working on follow up documentation.

The second step should be finding books and publications centered on writing grants. These books are available on the Foundation Center website and will help find a library that contains the information needed. Reading other grant proposals will lend confidence to putting together the first grant. This will be especially helpful if you read samples that have been submitted to the same company where funding is needed again.

Another helpful experience in becoming a certified grant writer is to volunteer as one. There are companies such as Volunteer Match that can connect a volunteer with a specific organization. Being a volunteer can also open lines of communication with potential funders to establish whether the request will be honored. Volunteering allows a grant writer to start on little projects while building experience and confidence. Many foundations and organizations will provide letters of reference to future employers as well.

One important step in the certification process is to find out if the state being worked in requires certification. Some states require a proposal from beginning to end while others require the initial certification and continue to monitor the grant writer to see if any illegal activities are taking place.

Do not hesitate to apply for a grant writing job after a few completed proposals. If the proposals were successful, add them to a resume and submit to an employer. Grant writing is very time consuming but once connections have been established, it's a job that will prove itself to be worthwhile time and time again. Always continue honing the skills necessary to be a successful grant writer. Brush up on writing skills, spelling and ways to persuade organizations to fund the grant. Certification is available to individuals who have proven proficiency in research and grant writing. Workshops are also available yearly after certification to network and learn new skills.